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Sneak peak at Freud Ceramics 2015!


Here’s a sneak peak of 2015’s new ceramic range!

Fresh illustrations from London based artist, Tom Berry , set on hand-cast fine bone china with a 22 carat gold rim.

More peaks coming soon!



La Boîte à Thé in Nyon – Switzerland



A picture full of festive warmth  was sent to me today, from one of our new stockists! La Boîte à Thé in Nyon looks absolutely charming, as do our teaballs!


Sunday Times Gift Guide 2014

Screen Shot 2014-11-17 at 13.31.00

“The sleekest cafeitere we’ve ever set eyes on.” – Thank you Sunday Times Gift Guide, we are delighted to hear this… we agree!



Screen Shot 2014-11-17 at 12.05.18


Another happy teaball lover!

Let us know when you’ve unwrapped your Freud item, we’d love to keep these photos coming!



Rue Verte – Copenhagen

Screen Shot 2014-11-17 at 12.12.24

Just been sent a beautiful photo of our Spirit Cocktail Glasses. The shop looks beautiful!

Rue Verte
Ny Østergade 11
Copenhagen 1101


Customer photo – PARTY TIME!


We love opening happy emails from our customers! Especially with a photo of our Freud products being used in a beautiful setting!

Below are the Spirit Cocktail glasses, partying decadently in Denmark.

If you have a photo you’d like to share, email




Screen Shot 2014-11-13 at 11.46.04

We love this new photo by MONOQI, Berlin and super happy to have been chosen as one of the TOP gifts for Christmas 2014. MONOQI picked our stovetop – what will you pick?



Screen Shot 2014-11-04 at 11.53.21

We were charmed to see that Occa Home picked our large cafetiere and teaball in their Chic Lookbook 2014. Our designs are now in the 14th year and still look brand new! Pick up your classic today, stock is flying off the shelves – the wooden handled mini teaball is already out of stock for Christmas delivery.


London Air: Acrylics on Canvas

candy london
This September artist Antonio Romeo takes us on a journey of discovery as he guides us through nine months in the British capital with his exhibition “London Air”.  Arriving in January of this year, Romeo shows us his London: a city filled with mystery, fantasy, magic and excitement.  Working on canvass with a vibrant acrylic pallet, Romeo offers a peek into a dreamlike world where the fantastical and superhuman find life in the everyday.  As monsters curl around buildings and big red London busses march like machines, Romeo captures the essence of a city unknown in all its enthralling, alien glory, reminding us that there is something quite magical in this metropolis – sometimes it just takes a little imagination to see – or rediscover – it.
London Air is Romeo’s first UK exhibition and we will be proudly housed at Freud London until the last Sunday of September.


Covent Garden Continued…


Covent garden broadcast media2B

As we glide into the second week of August, we cross the half way point of photographer Nigel Dicker’s beautiful tribute to one of London’s most beloved landmarks, Covent Garden, currently on show at Freud London.  In the spirit of continued celebration, as the local festival unfolds, we thought there no better time to bring news of a new local broadcasting channel, Covent Garden Broadcast Media, soon to grace our online airways.  Telling tales of those whose lives have been touched by the market’s past and present, the channel will trace the history of Covent Garden’s celebrated attractions – the Market, Opera, Ballet and Social History Archive – to unearth all that makes this beloved central hotspot what it is today.

‘It’s vitally important to remember what Covent Garden looked like in its previous life’ – Michael Palin, 2014

So if you have not already, why not come and explore Covent Garden for yourselves.  A retrospective of the Old Market can be enjoyed here at Freud until 30th August. With the holidays in full swing, it seems the perfect moment to pop over and enjoy it with a cocktail (or coffee!) before nipping down Neil Street to join in the fun.  And to add to the excitement, Freud is offering 50p ‘babyccinos’ for kids until September!