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Antonella Cianfagna : Art


Antonella was born in Adria, Italy and graduated from the DAMS Art University of Bologna. Her early artworks were mainly drawings on paper for which she
would use ink or watercolours. Antonella moved to London and shifted to painting, mainly oil and acrylic works, using canvasses and larger surfaces.

Antonella works with a number of art workshops, for children, which have been deeply
inspirational to her own experimentation of materials and techniques. From drawing to printmaking (linocut and etching), and from
monoprints to clay sculptures.

Antonella believes that the artist’s role is to find a space for the unspoken words and inner feelings to come out and be made visible. Therefore, her research focuses on human emotions and state of minds.

Antonella’s exhibition is currently hanging on the walls of our London bar and are available to purchase.

Exhibition from the 15th of January – 15th of February 2019.