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London Air: Acrylics on Canvas

candy london
This September artist Antonio Romeo takes us on a journey of discovery as he guides us through nine months in the British capital with his exhibition “London Air”.  Arriving in January of this year, Romeo shows us his London: a city filled with mystery, fantasy, magic and excitement.  Working on canvass with a vibrant acrylic pallet, Romeo offers a peek into a dreamlike world where the fantastical and superhuman find life in the everyday.  As monsters curl around buildings and big red London busses march like machines, Romeo captures the essence of a city unknown in all its enthralling, alien glory, reminding us that there is something quite magical in this metropolis – sometimes it just takes a little imagination to see – or rediscover – it.
London Air is Romeo’s first UK exhibition and we will be proudly housed at Freud London until the last Sunday of September.