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Carlos Gasparotto: Photography

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Carlos Gasparotto was born in Argentina in 1984 and grew up in Italy.
While he was studying Design in the Politecnico of Milan he assisted several photographers and started to photograph in many events in Italy and around the Europe for online and paper magazines.
In 2011 he moved to New York for an internship with the photojournalist Mashid Mohadjerin and for a workshop about personal documentary with Erica McDonald and Andrew Sullivan. Carlos Gasparotto is currently working and enjoying London.

His exhibition is available to see now, throughout June. All pieces are for sale, please enquire regarding prices.


Freud cafe bar oxford

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Ever wondered what a live DJ night was like at Freud Oxford? We’ve just come across a YouTube clip, which should get you inspired to head down to Freud and party!



Sylwia Kobos: Untitled


Sylwia Kobos is a member of Freud’s creative team. She is involved in all of our artistic creation, composing brochures and posters and curating photoshoots on a daily basis. She has an expert eye and that ability few of us possess to magically transform the ordinary into a work of art. If you have seen a beautifully sketched poster for our Oxford bar or a collage or photograph on our Facebook page, it is most likely to be her handy work.

Sylwia has a Master’s in Fine Art from the University of Silesia and has created a small, untitled exhibition currently on show at Freud in London. The exhibition is the spontaneous reproduction of Sylwia’s inner eye, and fluidly combines both her emotional and visual senses to leave dazzling results on the canvas. The exhibition is ready to be explored and discussed, cocktail in hand, and Sylwia is keen that you watch out for the darting birds soaring across her collection.

All artwork is for sale – please enquire for prices.


Konopczynski: “Untameable”

Alan-Palamino 3

Alan Konopczynski is an artist and painter from Katowice, Poland. He is a graduate of the University of Silesia, where he trained as a graphic artist.

Fascinated by the unpredictability of the wilderness, Alan’s works concentrate on one of nature’s most beautiful and mysterious creatures: the horse.  Working with natural elements, he infuses an animating texture into the pieces, which in concert with the deep, stormy palette of blacks, coppers, ambers, and brilliant white, capture the nature of the living beasts.

Alan’s artwork will be on display at Freud London until Sunday 27th April 2014, and is an exhibition of such quality that you need to see it.

All artwork is for sale – email enquiries to


Springtime is here!

Blue Lagoon

Shake the rain from your umbrellas and bid adieu to winter’s drizzly, grey skies at Freud this weekend with our new, befittingly refreshing seasonal drink: the Blue Lagoon. Capture a glimpse of the months to come and dream of brilliant sunshine and glistening waters as you dive into this crisp melange of Blue Curaçao, Stolichnaya Vodka, and orange & lemon juice, topped with sharp, orange bitters.

Available throughout Spring at Freud London – £7.60.

Warning! Consumption may result in a sudden urge to escape the city in search of tropical skies.



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At Freud we are very proud of our beautiful Vermeer Collection. We are thrilled Vogue admire it too!

Shop here for our precious fine bone china teapots.




Our popular Festina Lente T-shirts are back in stock!

Now available to enjoy in a range of new sizes in both black and white.

Shop online or at our London shop.



art art1

Discover the works of an interesting mix of artists displayed around our showcased design. Housed above the Freud London bar, escape the noise of Shaftesbury Avenue in an oasis of calm.

All artwork is for sale, as are our beautiful products.




Get down to Freud Oxford on Tuesday the 4th of March for the launch of The Psychological Exhibition.

“Where last term we examined the materials out of which artworks come into being, we now take another step forwards, and inwards, to see how our thought processes have affected production and consumption of art throughout history.”

With live acts and performance pieces to be announced.
Artists: Amy Wilson/Galatia Ioannou/Zsófi Vályi-Nagy/Josie King/Emma Papworth

Free entry all night.



Dress To Kill

“The men and women of the 1940s dressed to kill. Dazzling sirens shrouded themselves in half-truths, whole lies, and the best silk money could buy. Spies revealed their true colours . . . in brooding black and white. And on set, dark shadows and looming alleyways became characters in and of themselves. The effect? Drop-dead gorgeous.”

Vanity Fair, September 2013 Industry and Freud bring you ‘Dress To Kill’ to celebrate the launch of Industry’s Hilary Issue.  A homage to classic Hollywood film noir dramas takes place Wednesday of 7th Week, come and indulge in a night of 40s glitz and glamour, with live music, dancing and cocktails from 9 ’til 2.