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Sylwia Kobos: Untitled


Sylwia Kobos is a member of Freud’s creative team. She is involved in all of our artistic creation, composing brochures and posters and curating photoshoots on a daily basis. She has an expert eye and that ability few of us possess to magically transform the ordinary into a work of art. If you have seen a beautifully sketched poster for our Oxford bar or a collage or photograph on our Facebook page, it is most likely to be her handy work.

Sylwia has a Master’s in Fine Art from the University of Silesia and has created a small, untitled exhibition currently on show at Freud in London. The exhibition is the spontaneous reproduction of Sylwia’s inner eye, and fluidly combines both her emotional and visual senses to leave dazzling results on the canvas. The exhibition is ready to be explored and discussed, cocktail in hand, and Sylwia is keen that you watch out for the darting birds soaring across her collection.

All artwork is for sale – please enquire for prices.