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Tara Benjamin-Morgan: Slow past the Null

Screen Shot 2017-10-17 at 10.53.52Tara Benjamin-Morgan

Slow past the Null
September 29 – October 27, 2017

FREUD is pleased to present Slow past the Null, a solo show of works by the London-based artist Tara Benjamin-Morgan. For the past few years, her practice has been concerned with the formation of other worlds in which the viewer might exist; a place where the imagination can immerse itself and supplant the ambiguous forms with fragments of their own memories and dreams. It is a mythology in pieces, waiting for the viewer to complete it.

This exhibition presents recent works alongside two older drawings which, through their more concrete forms, help to clarify the visual language in which Benjamin-Morgan now works. The title of the show, Slow past the Null, animates the noun; it makes a creature of it. The Null is a presence that emerges from the nothing – from the abstract marks, nooks and shadows of the paintings. Tentatively, these recede and give form to a hand; an ear; a neck; a gaze that catches us unawares and then dissipates once more into our memory. Slow past the Null asks us to keep an eye open for the unseen things; to move slowly and to keep our wits about us. Yet the half-hidden and reclusive nature of these figures and creatures lends them a fragility; their existence utterly contingent on whether or not they are recognised.

Tara Benjamin-Morgan was born in 1991, in South London. She gained a BFA in Fine Art at the University of Oxford in 2013 and is currently studying Art History and Theory at the University of Essex. She has participated in artist’s residencies in the U.K., Iceland and Japan and is now participating in By Other Means, an artist’s residency and creative network in London.