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Screen Shot 2017-10-23 at 13.57.27After years of studying Phenomenology, Aris decided to turn to the visual arts with a series of charcoal portraits in 2013, as a way to broaden philosophical discussions outside of the scholarly field.

This translation of philosophical discussions into visual arts has two main implications: on the one hand, it turns Philosophy back into everyday life, and on the other hand, turns the aesthetic experience of Art into a meaningful scenario for discussion, reflection and knowing thyself.

Hope is a selection of 8 charcoal portraits, out of the 20 Aris made for the exhibition, Faces of Hope: Stories of Imigration, at the House of Europe in Zagreb May 2017, and it is meant to be an invitation to explore the experience of living abroad and the human growth at work in it.

All pieces are for sale & a selection of limited edition prints will be available through the Freud website.

Exhibition from the 29th of October – 26th of November 2017.