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Bordiga Verde

Bordiga Aperitivo & Bitters


First distilled in the Roaring Twenties, Bordiga’s Rosso, Verde and Aperitivo encapsulate the excitement and frenzy of one of mixology’s most revolutionary eras.

Copper still distillation. Natural filtration.

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Product Description

The classic Rosso, with its herbaceous base notes and smooth, sherbet texture this classic bitter blend beautifully into a Negroni for those who like their drinks to pack a fresh, flavoursome bitter punch.  For those who would like their Negroni a touch sweeter, substitute Bordiga Rosso for the Aperitivo for a fresh, dry croud pleaser.

Serve the Aperitivo with sparkling wine and soda for a flawless and classic summer Spritz.

Feeling adventurous?  The citrus filled Bordiga Verde, is an original classic, mix in equal parts with London Dry Gin and Bianco Vermouth to the create subtly citrusy Negroni Verde.

Bordiga Rosso – 21%, 100cl; Mountain arnica, Genepi, Anissed, Eucalyptus & Mint

Bordiga Verde – 20%, 100cl; Citrus, Gentiana & Gentian Root

Aperitivo – 16%, 100cl; Sweet rhubarb, citrus & infused mountain herbs

Please note that it is an offence to purchase or attempt to purchase alcoholic liquor if you are under the age of 18.

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Bitter Verde, Bitter Rosso, Aperitivo