Marja and the Brown Butterfly


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Written by D.N.Keyes

Designed & Illustrated by Charles James

Edited by Gideon Freud

Co-edited by Sally Beets

Published by Freudianscripts©

Created and printed in England.


“Marja and I are chasing each other and screaming with delight.

The Monsoons have arrived.

The rain keeps on pouring and we get wetter and wetter.

We are like mad things, splashing, kicking, twisting and dancing.

We are as happy as can be.”


The children revel in each other’s company undisturbed, for now is the time of stillness and anticipation before the return of the giants who do battle in the sky and the spirits who whisper in the garden.


Hidden memories of Burma during the Second World War, which has been dubbed the ‘forgotten war’, are revealed fresh and immediate through the innocent and imaginative eyes of the children caught up in its events.  The story they weave is one of hope against despair, and of life in the face of death.